CMS 7.1 Cookbook
Client Management Suite 7.1

Table of Contents:

Symantec Installation Manager 
NS 7 and CMS Install Screen Shots 
Symantec Management Platform SP4 
SMP Console and Navigation 
SMP Home Menu 
SMP Manage Menu 
SMP Actions Menu 
SMP Reports Menu 
SMP Settings Menu


3. Site Servers
4. NS 7 Basics
Organizational Views and Groups 
Security Roles 
Basic NS Configuration 
Automation Policies 
Filters and Targets
Packages and Policies 
NS and CMS Licensing 
5. Altiris Agent
Agent Configuration Policies 
Altiris Agent Rollout 
What happens on the Client during the agent install? 
The Altiris Agent interface
6. Finding Computers
Network Discovery 
Active Directory Import 
7. Resource Manager
8. Real-Time System Manager
9. Task Server
10. Inventory Solution 7
The Inventory 7 Agents 
Installing the Inventory 7 Agent 
Inventory Solution 7 Policies 
Inventory Solution 7 Tasks 
Inventory Solution Baseline Tasks 
Inventory 7 Reports 
Inventory Solution Automation Policies 
Inventory 7 Documentation

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11. Application Metering
Application Metering agent 
Application Metering package 
Blacklisted Applications 
Creating Application Monitors 
Application Metering Reports 
Application Metering Automation Policies 
Application Metering Documentation
12. Patch Management Solution 7
Patch Management Solution Global Configuration 
Patch Management Task Server Settings 
Software Update Agent Rollout 
Software Update Agent Configuration 
Patch Management Process 
Patch Management 7 Reports 
Patch Management Automation Policies 
Patch Management 7 Documentation
12. pcAnywhere
pcAnywhere Policy Settings 
pcAnywhere Agent Install 
pcAnywhere Agent Package 
pcAnywhere Agent Reports 
Using pcAnywhere
13. Software Management Solution
Software Delivery Concepts 
Software Delivery Multicasting 
SW Management Configuration 
SW Management Agent Rollout 
The Software Catalog 
Software Resources 
Creating a Software Resource for the AClient 
Creating a Quick Delivery Task for the AClient 
The Software Delivery Wizard 
The Managed Software Delivery Wizard

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14. Dell Client Manager
Configuring DCM 
Changing BIOS Settings Remotely 
Health Monitoring and Alerts 
Dell Update Packages (DUP) 
Dell Warranty Task
15. HP Client Manager
Configure HPCM 
Managing the Drivers SoftPaqs 
HP Tools 
Managing BIOS Changes Remotely 
Health Monitoring and Alerts 
HP Instant Support Diagnostics 
HP ProtectTools Security Manager 

Appendix A: Other Resources
Appendix B: Adding a Parameter to a Report
Appendix C: Adding Filter Selection to a Report
Appendix D: SQL Tables of Interest 
Appendix E: Automation Policies to Email Reports 
Appendix F: Automation Policies to Assign Computers to
                         Organizational Groups



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