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I was looking up some old bands from my past and thought about you guys. Did a google search and found the music I have been looking for.  It always funny how music takes you back to the exact time in your past. My wife of 29 years and I first heard you guys in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware when you released “Sneak Attack”.

We hadn’t been married long and were at the beach for the day. We just happened to go by the club on the boardwalk, saw the signs and decided to come back for the show. After having dinner, we got there early as the first set was starting. You guys were awesome! Nothing like anything we had been hearing at the time locally or mainstream. The next thing we knew you all were out in the crowd and one of you was out on the boardwalk playing guitar. It was kind of like the “Pied Piper”, the crowd just came in and packed the already crowded club. I have to say, it was one of the best live shows I have ever experienced. We ended up buying one of the albums that night and following your tour schedule through your newsletter. 

We got the chance to see you again when you played in Chestertown, Maryland on the main street in a small club around the time of the release of “Beat the Meter”, which we also purchased and loved. You guys were the best and we hated to see you go.

I told countless friends about Bad Sneakers and shared the music with everyone around me. As things progressed to CD’s, I continued to look for your music without much success. I checked with tons of music stores and no one knew who you were or where I could turn. That only made me feel that much better in some ways. I felt like I had discovered some great talent that no one I knew had ever heard of. It  was also bit sad that I was unable to upgrade to digital and continue to enjoy your music. 

You guys were a pretty big part of our lives and were great.  



Jeff Trice

Marshy Hope Realty

218 N. Main Street, Suite A

Federalsburg, MD 21632

410-754-7000 (O)

443-386-5424 (C)



I was a huge fan of Bad Sneakers back in the day! “Angeline, tell me what to do…I haven’t felt this way about anyone but you” A perfect example of I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I remember the lyrics to your song!  

Anyway, I was trying to locate some Bad Sneakers music and I found your site. You have been busy and it certainly looks like you’ve had a wonderful career doing what you love and that’s great. I just wanted to drop a note to say hello and let you know that there are still some Bad Sneakers fans out here. I still have my little “Bad Sneakers” pin! 

Take care and I’m glad to hear all is well. 

Stephanie Long


Hiya Doc,

I'm currently sitting here, in a basement in Delaware. Over the past
few weeks, I've been going through the tedious process of organizing myever-growing MP3 collection. Ripping my CDs, cataloging, indexing,
locating cover art to use as folder icons, and so forth.

Right in the middle of this, I started thinking how great it would be,
if I could rip my old LPs the way I've been doing with my CDs. A quick
bodge-up later, and I've got my stereo hooked to my soundcard. Time to
break out the vinyl, from the cabinet where it's been collecting dust
since the late 90's. And what a lot of dust, there is.

So, after a quick brush-down, I start going through the albums.

I remember that one. I got that one on CD. I had a copy of that one?
What was I thinking? And right there in the middle of the stack, there it was.. Bad Sneakers. Sneak Attack.

Man, I forgot all about that one. I wonder what ever happened to those
guys. One way to find out. Fire up the google, and start hunting.

A few different search queries later, (side-stepping a rash of Steely
Dan search returns) and I'm sitting at, looking at your
bio. Looks like you went on to good things after Bad Sneakers. Glad to
hear it. I think I may have actually caught you guys live one night,
possibly at the old Deer Park in Newark DE. I'm pretty sure that was
what prompted me to buy the album. Tho it was a while ago, and my
memory's almost as dusty as that record cabinet was.

There were so many great bands that played the Deer Park, that I've
never heard from again. The Mental Custodians, The Killtoys, Fiction...
Good to see that not everybody drifted off into obscurity.

If you don't mind my asking, is there any chance of the old Sneakers
albums getting a CD release? My record-ripping rig works pretty good,
but I'm pretty sure a direct rip from CD would turn out better, and
with far fewer clicks, pops, and scratchy noises. Tho as old as those
albums are, I'm guessing that even finding the masters would be a
challenge. Anyway, that's about all I can think of to say right now.

Cheers, dude. Hope to hear back from you. -

Chris Sutor



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