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  Altiris Tips & Tricks

HOW TO use the Altiris Custom Inventory Agent
This details how to create a custom inventory scan to track the date of the Norton Anti-Virus signature file in the registry.

What is ITIL?
This doc explains what the IT Infrastructure Library is and how it relates to the Altiris software. The Altiris lifecycle management tools are fully ITIL certified.

HOW TO make a Simple Report

  Altiris eXpress DS 5.6 Database recommendations
  Altiris Ports of Interest
  NS 5.5 Resource Explorer Trick
Give your helpdesk workers access to inventory information without granting them rights to the Notification Server console.

  Microsoft MSI Error Codes
Microsoft Install Switches

Microsoft Summary of System Error Codes
Microsoft Summary of Command Line Switches
Using the 5.5 NS Client with Images

  Altiris 5.5 and .NET Configuration

  Microsoft Error Message Haikus

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