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  Altiris Getting Started


Getting Started engagement preparation docs
  NS 5.5 CMS | NS 6.0 CMS
These docs outline some of the things you can do before I get there, to ensure that our time together will be as productive as possible. Topics include server and client pre-requisites as well as some post-install "large environment" tweaks.

The fundamentals of NS 5.5 and NS 6.0 are similar but the interface is radically different. Among many improvements, (2) of the biggest changes are the ability to wakeup the NS Client independent of it's configuration interval and role-based console security. Only NS 5.5 sp3 can be upgraded to NS 6.

Of all the 5.5 CMS solutions, Patch Management has changed the most. All the NS Solutions now leverage .net technology. The status and health of your Active Directory and DNS will have a large impact on how the new products perform on your network.

Deployment Server and it's related apps, Rapid Deploy, Rapid Install and Personality Transplant, have added features but still function together essentially as they have since the DS 5.6 upgrade. Although both are part of CMS and designed to complement each other, Deployment Server and Notification Server can still be installed and run independently.

Deployment Solution 6.0, which allows you to manage multiple Deployment Servers from within the Notification Server admin console, will not work with NS 6. Deployment Solution 6.1 is required for this to function properly with NS 6. In addition, with DS 6.1 you can now create jobs and much more from within the Deployment Solution web console.

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