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  Altiris 5.5 Client Management Suite
Support and Configuration
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These 7-10 page mini-tutorials cover the basics of each CMS Solution. Topics include pre-requisites, agent install procedure and configuration, etc. These are not intended to replace the userguides. All of the Altiris Solutions are flexible and extremely powerful programs.

When you need some of the advanced features, you'll want to dig into the complete userguides. Do yourself a favor and read the release notes which usually accompany each new version upgrade.

Default location of the Notification Server userguides (.chm and .pdf formats):
C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Help

5.5 CMS Mini Tutorials
Application Metering Solution
Application Mgmt. Solution
Carbon Copy Solution
Deployment Solution
Inventory Solution
Patch Mgmt. Solution
Software Delivery Solution

  NS 5.5 and CMS Pre-configured Reports
All NS 5.5 and CMS Reports(.948 build)
Notification Server Reports
Application Metering Solution Reports
Application Mgmt. Solution Reports
Carbon Copy Solution Reports
Deployment Solution Reports
Inventory Solution Reports
Patch Mgmt. Solution Reports
Software Delivery Solution Reports

  NS 5.5 and CMS Pre-configured Notification Policies
Notification Policies - NS 5.5 sp3 (948 build)
The Notification Server can take actions, called "event handlers", in response to conditions that you configure. Perhaps you want to get an email when a computer has less than 100MB of disk space or if someone runs a particular unauthorized program. These "event handlers" are:
(1) send an email (to 1 or more persons)
(2) generate a report (save it and/or email it)
(3) generate an SMTP trap
(4) generate a work item (viewable through Alert Manager or Helpdesk)
(5) launch a command line event
Here are the pre-configured Notification Policies that come with NS 5.5 CMS.
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